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You’re Gone

Why can’t you love me
The way I love you
We’re not even together
Yet already we’re through
You tease me and you taunt me
Keep on pushin me down
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
Cause I’ll be around

Later, see ya, bye bye, then you’re gone
No, I can’t love you, Cause I’m not that strong

You want to be loved by someone
Who’s like your own
At first I thought it was me
You sound so perfect on the phone
I soon jumped up and caught myself
That woman ain’t right
Five minutes together for the first time
Already in a fight so.

Why can’t you love me
The way I love you
Why can’t you love me
When my love is so true
How’d my misses right
Go so very wrong
Baby my money aint that long
And I’m not that strong
But my hearts in this song and it matters not
Loving you aint what I do It’s what I got
Naptown Slim cold blooded runnin hot
The reckoner well hell yes I’m checkin ya
Start out resenting
And then they just disrespecting ya
Every dime and diamonds
That’s what you expecting huh?
You can’t love me you swear that you do
But you know nothing of the difference
Between a lie and truth
Have another pill
Here’s another fill
You don’t love me
You love the bills and the thrills
Catch a chill, I cut straight through
If you feel it in your gut
I’m talking to you

I feel like I’m done walking alone
Searching for my home
Looking for my happy median
Out for the perfect tone
Living in a world that wants to
Chew you up and spit you out
I don’t want you or need you
To take me down that rout


from Everyone Thinks You're Weird, released May 18, 2013
Music (Allen) Words (Allen, Redenbacher)



all rights reserved


Max Allen Band Indianapolis, Indiana

Max Allen Band (MAB) is the brainchild and workhorse of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Max Allen; whose tastes include the very best of funk, rock, blues, pop, jazz, reggae, classical, EDM and hip-hop. For over a decade, Allen and MAB have kept audiences all over the country coming back for more of the wide variety of genres, incredible musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and contagious melodies ... more

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