Everyone Thinks You're Weird

by Max Allen Band

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Two years of hard work and devotion turns these MAB songs into a wonderful collection of music. Thought provoking lyrics, beautiful strings, mind boggling effects, fat jams, and face-melting solos makes this, hands down, MAB's best work to date.


released May 18, 2013

Max Allen - Guitar, Vocals
Shaan France - Drums, Marimba, Aux. Perc
Davison Robie - Bass, String Arrangements, Synths

Additional Musicians:
Gary Mielke - Keys, Synth, Aux. Perc
Rusty Redenbacher - Vocals on You're Gone
Time Kantor - 1st Violin
Julliete Javaheri - 2nd Violin
Vincent Marks - Viola
Thomas Ems - Cello

Produced By:
Gary Mielke, Max Allen , and Davison Robie
Engineered and Mastered By:
Gary Mielke
Recorded At:
The Static Shack and Big Walnut Studios
Randy Taylor at Ending Sun Productions
Album Design By:
Samantha Kyle



all rights reserved


Max Allen Band Indianapolis, Indiana

Max Allen Band (MAB) is the brainchild and workhorse of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Max Allen; whose tastes include the very best of funk, rock, blues, pop, jazz, reggae, classical, EDM and hip-hop. For over a decade, Allen and MAB have kept audiences all over the country coming back for more of the wide variety of genres, incredible musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and contagious melodies ... more

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Track Name: Under The Radar
Under the Radar

It better be good
If it is carved out of stone
It’s been along time comin
On top of this thrown.
Kings and Queens they all step a side.
It’s everyone else who wants a free ride.
It’s been this way from the start, will till the day I die.
Let me ask you sir just if I may,
Why is it, that you can’t find your own way.
He said, “Because I fly, a little under the radar.

Taken cash, wrong names on the check
Why should I give part of my money
To Uncle Sam and the Government.
Yeah that’s the way I learned and that’s the way I spent
My days getting food, and paying my rent.
That’s the way its been making friends every night
Putting action to words, trying to make it right.
Getting tired, getting tired. Still seem so wired.
I’ll have time to close my eyes when I expire.
Out a my way, cause I’m going out of my way
To come to your town because we love to play
Everyday we live, so the music can be saved
We’re doing what we love so we know we got it made
Open your doors yes and close you eyes, let the music in
Just sit back and relax, put your money on the man
Who will work to win, doing everything he can, let it soak in.
But don’t forget the name, we’re glad to be here and so glad that you came.
It’s not for the money, and not for the fame.
But if I had to do something else I’d probably go insane.
Track Name: Bodega

From an anonymous location
I rode my bike across the bridge
I understand you had to take the ferry
I bring you little boxes
Boxes that outlive all of their contents
Me who used to play with Eagle Eye Cherry

It is so good to see you my brother
It is so good to see you again
And to bring you what’s mine
After such a long ride
It’s not oft that I grace the south side

I bring you little boxes
Boxes that outlive all of their contents
Boxes you will cherish long after I’m gone
You’ll miss the foreign soil
And you’ll miss the foreign plants that grow here
But the plastic boxes hold their plants anywhere
Track Name: Competitive Goods
Competitive Goods

We’ve been living off of war for some time now
We’ve been living off of war for quite some time
I’m not saying we are soft
But our memories are soft
I’ll work as hard as my old man
Who will never work as hard
The make was always better and
The boys were always stronger
The kids these days
They don’t know what they’re missing

They just don’t make things
The way that they used to

We’ve been dieing from the war for some time now
We’ve been dieing from the war for quite some time
I’m saying you’ll do fine
Your place will be here in due time
Just fill in all the answers and
Make your marks heavy and dark
Tell em what they told you
That they told me I should tell you
The kids these days
They don’t know what race they’re in

They just don’t make things
The way that they used to

If I’m the one eating the candy bar
Then you can’t eat the candy bar
If you want it, you can’t have it
Cause I’m gonna eat it
Yes, I’m gonna eat it
Cause It’s mine
Only mine
Mine all mine
Only mine
Track Name: Big As It Is
Big As It Is - Allen

Let me live, Oh, Let me live.
See it all in the back of your mind, and soon you will forgive.

Get it all together,
Or you can go to hell.
I know what I am looking at,
And I can see it, oh, too well.
Look here at all the colors
And the way she moves,
Glistening in its beauty,
Lost out, in the groove.

Let yourself step outside,
Take a breather for a bit
Stretch and feel your muscles within,
Wait for the rush to hit.
It’s gonna come back,
Oh too soon
Back to the way that it once was
And shoot for the moon

Big as it is, I’m sure I know.
All the tools missing from the garage,
Are lost out in the snow.
Big as it is, Get it, grab it, bag it, and go.
Make sure that you get yourself good and ready,
Good and ready for the show.

I see you green hippy kids
Lost out in the lot
Searching for something,
You ain’t got.
Always remember to be discreet.
And never carry
More than you can eat.

Get you plans together, before you find yourself lost
Make your dreams reality
No matter what it cost’s
You’ve got to be he one, to stand in your own shoe
Making your choices from day to day
But which one will you choose
Track Name: Pangloss

Reflections of a different kind
Their echoes linger in my mind
I never thought you’d find me here
Content with nothing and without fear
The world again it turns to show
Another face with eyes so hollow
Peace of mind was never yours to give
And so I’ll simply be content to live

And it makes me sad
But I don’t despair
For all is well in this best
Possible of worlds
And we’re losing grace
But we just don’t care
For all is right in this best
Possible of worlds

The world again it turns to show
Another face with eyes so hollow
Peace of mind was never yours to give
So I’ll simply be content to live
I’ll live by what I think is right
Even when answers are far from sight
I never thought you’d find me here
Content with nothing and without fear

And it makes me sad
But I don’t despair
For all is well in this best
Possible of worlds
And we’re losing grace
But we just don’t care
For all is right in this best
Possible of worlds
Track Name: Luna

A new month is among us you’re ready
So fine, so clean darlin you’re ready
All mine to be you know you’re ready
Ready for the love that you’re due
Knowing that the wait is finally through
I’ll do anything you want me too
Long as you’re ready
Ready, for what I’m about to give to you.

Do me once, do me twice, three times more
Yeah, it all sounds nice. What you wanna do?
Long as you can break me off some
You can come along and we can have some fun
We can shine in the sun some
Give you a kinda buzz call it summer love
Kick back you seat and let your hair down,
I’m calling your bluff
You’d better be ready for love.

Up to your games yeah there all the same
Do you want me to shout your name? Because I will.
I can jump through hoops all night
If you want it right
I won’t put up a fight
We can, climb to the highest height
I’ll give you most delight by the fire light
So kick back and let your hair down
I’m gonna get your right
And give it to you tonight
Track Name: Countdown

I (You really)
Say (You don’t say)
Time (It is)
To (Get Ready)

Too much time

They say
A man who waits
Is continually late

The time is now if you’re ready to go
Get yourself up and moving
Get yourself to the door
Now don’t go leaning and reverting to at ease
You’re slowing down
Help me would you please
If you’d shake a leg just a little bit
I wouldn’t have to tell you to make it quick
I’m late the blame is on you
Oh yeah might I add that the rent is due
Track Name: Toledo

Hotel continental breakfast
Squinty eyes dehydration
Sharing bathrooms
Hurrying up and waiting

Repeated landscapes
In contrasting colors
Still life’s of fruit on the wall
Pears more pears Asian pears and then apples
A sculpture of a horses head

No beauty no lips no noises no curls
No delightful or beautiful filling my bed
Only a synced up rhythm section
Snores in stereo panning left to right

So far gone left from where I know
To many times in Toledo
Long drive lost now I’m coming home
To many times in Toledo
I won’t part and leave you alone
To many times in Toledo
Return like all the trips before
To many times in Toledo

Four o’clock in the morning
I just drove two hours
Time for sleep maybe
Swim, eat or shower

Up tomorrow early
Will the day break me in
I’ll never know my reason
Out of bed I come crawling

Last night was so fun
Can we do it again
To bad we got wasted
Now we sound like shit
Track Name: Win the War
Win the War

Worry not bout what people say
Nor bout what they do
Treat everyone with as much respect
As you want them to give you
Who is the better man? It is hard to say
When the day is through
It will be easier to lay your head down at night
When you’ve practiced the golden rule

I’m not going to hate on you brother
Even if you’re hating o me
I got news for you brother
I’m a man who lets bygones be
Bygones, but still you keep on fighten
But what the hell are you fighten for
If you keep on losing battles
How can you expect to win the war

I still have faith in man kind
A dreamer they all call me
Maybe I’m wrong and have been all along
And everybody really hates me
Still I take no sides maybe that’s why
I get around so freely
Don’t let hate sit in, be as nice as you can
Then maybe you can live happily

What’s with all the people
Who think they’re better than you are
Finding the one’s most vulnerable
Then take it way too far
They say lets pick him apart and bring him down
Just because it makes us cool
Can’t you grow up just a little
After all this isn’t high school
Track Name: You're Gone
You’re Gone

Why can’t you love me
The way I love you
We’re not even together
Yet already we’re through
You tease me and you taunt me
Keep on pushin me down
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
Cause I’ll be around

Later, see ya, bye bye, then you’re gone
No, I can’t love you, Cause I’m not that strong

You want to be loved by someone
Who’s like your own
At first I thought it was me
You sound so perfect on the phone
I soon jumped up and caught myself
That woman ain’t right
Five minutes together for the first time
Already in a fight so.

Why can’t you love me
The way I love you
Why can’t you love me
When my love is so true
How’d my misses right
Go so very wrong
Baby my money aint that long
And I’m not that strong
But my hearts in this song and it matters not
Loving you aint what I do It’s what I got
Naptown Slim cold blooded runnin hot
The reckoner well hell yes I’m checkin ya
Start out resenting
And then they just disrespecting ya
Every dime and diamonds
That’s what you expecting huh?
You can’t love me you swear that you do
But you know nothing of the difference
Between a lie and truth
Have another pill
Here’s another fill
You don’t love me
You love the bills and the thrills
Catch a chill, I cut straight through
If you feel it in your gut
I’m talking to you

I feel like I’m done walking alone
Searching for my home
Looking for my happy median
Out for the perfect tone
Living in a world that wants to
Chew you up and spit you out
I don’t want you or need you
To take me down that rout
Track Name: Uphill

I’ve been out too late
I’ve been up to long
I’ve been stretched too thin
And the list goes on
Beaten and sore and my shoes souls been warn
Tattered jeans are not far from the norm

Too long it’s been that it’s been for love
That a job working hard can fit like a glove
So I say why waste my time being told what to do
I can’t live my life just hanging on a cue

Well the wind picks up and the fire gets bright
Burning my candle from both ends every day and night
In a funk or a phase a rut if you will
I still can’t find my way out when I’m fighting uphill

You can’t pay enough money to buy yourself some more time
Yeah you feel like you’re balanced on top of a land mind
Where any second it can go and with it so do you
Make you think a little harder about the things you do